Community Rewards

All creations from the DAO will yield 1 GORJS token a day
Holders of GORJS collabs are entitled to numerous rewards. 1. Active participation in the selection and approval of your favorite NFT projects
2. Early access to curated drops provided directly by leading creators
3. 1x GORJS token yield for every art piece held that comes through the GORJS DAO
4. ... and more! The Founding Team will continuously rely on creator and voter inputs to provide better utility to NFT and FKWME pass holders alike. As FKWME Pass and GORJS NFT holders are allocated the majority of the total token supply, GORJS is well-positioned to continually and effectively incorporate all perspectives of community holders. Holders will also have the ability to accumulate tokens for allowlist staking, granting them early access to particular projects of their choice.
Learn more about the yield-bearing mechanisms.