Creator Value Proposition

Creators find a home in GORJS
For artists, participation in the DAO grants access to an exclusive and diverse community of digital creators. Through Discord channels and future GORJS-facilitated events, artists will be able to gather, discuss creative endeavors, and provide support to one another. In the ethos of web3, a major value proposition of GORJS is that artists will own the IP of their creative work and license their artwork to the DAO. GORJS further engages creators to participate in the DAO by providing a unique creator portal for collaboration discovery, opportunities for their work to attain global reach, and a growing suite of creator tools. Participating artists will not only be able to receive funding for their personal NFT projects and digital art ventures, but they will also have access to other creators involved in the DAO. Creators will gain broader global exposure across multiple artists’ established fan bases. GORJS envisions that the portfolio of creator tools can include, but is not limited or fixed to the following:
  • GPU credits and usage
  • File storage and sharing
  • Game-maker technology across different platforms/standards
  • Standardization across general creative platforms/applications
  • Full-service NFT minting tool and marketplace
  • Potential for software licenses/license partnerships with popular 3D design tools to be determined by the community
  • Sub-DAOs to launch personal platforms from the main DAO
  • ...and more! The Founding Team will continuously listen to feedback on our Discord.
The aforementioned creator tools will be continually re-assessed and rolled out across the DAO’s lifespan following its inception.