Defining beauty in web3

Note: Version 1.0 of GORJS Litepaper is subject to further modification. Welcome to the GORJS DAO. We are a team of creators, developers, and dreamers with a mission to define the next generation of beauty in the fast-evolving digital landscape. We believe that the next generation of digital artists should be defined by a community and not individuals. Through the GORJS DAO, you will gain access to the work of world-renowned digital artists and help choose who best represents digital beauty through our decentralized voting system. The initial access to the DAO will be given to owners of the FKWME Pass, ownership of which will unlock an initial allocation of GORJS tokens which can be used to vote on artist work, grant future access to airdrops of the participating artist work, among more utility to come. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you! -- Founding Team of GORJS

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