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Allowlist + Waitlist: January 31, 2023, General Sale: February 1, 2023
NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals can mint FKWME Passes – a limited collection of 1,000 ERC-721 GORJS NFT access passes – in the allowlist and waitlist sales on January 31, 2023 and general sale on February 1, 2023.
Individual wallets can mint a maximum of 1 FKWME Pass during the allowlist and waitlist processes, and individual wallets are able to mint a maximum of 3 FKWME Passes during the general mint sale.
Benefits & Perks:
  • Early access (allowlist) to GORJS-participating creators’ NFT projects by using GORJS tokens
  • 400 GORJS tokens claimable upon mint for immediate governance at voting systems launch
  • 4 GORJS tokens yielded per day for every day you retain ownership of the pass, providing continual DAO governance, voting, allowlist, and airdrop bidding
  • 12+ airdrops of creator NFTs over the lifespan of GORJS DAO
  • And more to come!
Holding an FKWME Pass will grant individuals governance power within GORJS. Those who participate in the primary sale are rewarded with an initial GORJS token allocation, the benefits of which are outlined in detail under the ‘Tokenomics’ section. If a holder were to transfer or sell the FKWME Pass, he or she will keep the tokens yielded to the transfer date, but will not accrue additional yield beyond that point.
FKWME Pass holders should expect to receive multiple airdrops throughout the lifespan of GORJS, and they are the only party who can expect to receive airdrops of artist NFTs. Holders will be eligible to receive at least one NFT airdrop per each Season’s collection (depending on the project submissions). A GORJS Season’s collection refers to all approved and funded projects that are minted in a respective quarter.
At the inception of the DAO, FKWME Pass holders can use their tokens in a voting process outlined in the ‘Project Submission’ section. FKWME Pass holders will be able to cast votes to determine which airdrop or allowlist they would like to receive from the first Season’s collection. FKWME Pass holders will be the first group to be officially introduced to the GORJS voting mechanism, and will continually receive airdrops every Season throughout the DAO’s lifespan (i.e. tokens are used by holders to declare interest around the creations they want). GORJS envisions providing ~12+ airdrops to FKWME Pass holders (assuming 1 airdropped NFT per quarter over a period of 3 years), and the airdrops available per quarter are based on a per-project basis. Within their proposal submissions, artists will outline how many airdrops are available to FKWME Pass holders. Learn more about Tokenomics, Voting Mechanics, and the FKWME Pass Smart Contract.